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The tools section provides you with generic operation tools.

Ping nodes

Main article: Ping nodes

The ping nodes tool enables you to test whether a particular (group of) node(s) is reachable from the server running netYCE.

Port config

Main article: Ping nodes

This tool allows you to configure and link ports together.

Resolve IPv4

Main article: Resolve IP

Using the resolve IP tool you are able to lookup one or more IP- and/or subnet address(es) to check if it's known in netYCE, this can be a supernet-, network-, eVPN VLAN-, server- or subnet address

Create config

Main article: Create config

Allows you view the configuration of one or more nodes known to netYCE

Startup config

Main article: Startup config

This tool allows you to push a startup configuration to a node.

Node migration

Main article: Node migration

This tool allows you to push a startup configuration to a node.

Show-cmd history

Main article: Show-cmd history

View the results of all executed show commands for each nodes

OS upgrades

Main article: OS upgrades

The OS upgrades tool lets you perform the targeted OS upgrades in bulk with minimal interference of the operator while still maintaining full control of the process.

NOTE: This tool is turned off for now. If this tool is desired, please contact NetYCE.

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