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When backing up configurations or doing filetransfers, the transfer is usually started from the node towards NetYCE.

Commands are send to the devices to do those kind of executions.

Because of the initiation on the node, the node needs to be able to reach the NetYCE instance. In some circumstances the NetYCE instance is NAT-ted, therefore known to the node with a different IP address.

Thus the NetYCE application needs to be configured to use this specific IP adress.

Shown in the example above, the netYCE VM resides inside a Laptop/Desktop/server The IP address of the VM is and Host (Desktop/Laptop IP/server) IP is

Thus the setup of NetYCE on login is as below

Starting net_setup
  Good, root privileges apply

--netYCE networking setup  Hit enter within 5 seconds to start setup .....
--Start of setup
--System release
  Identified CentOS - 6.10
  using setup for Redhat V6
--Read network setup: '/opt/yce/etc/net_setup.xml'
--Read yce setup: '/opt/yce/etc/yce_setup.xml'
--Setup passwords
    enter 'root' password:
    aborted setting 'root' password
    enter 'yce' password:
    aborted setting 'yce' password
--Setup hostname
  Full qualified name is ''
  Is this full name correct? [Y]
--Setup networking
  Update networking? [Y]
  Locating ethernet interfaces
    eth0: ipv4= mask= network= /24
    eth0: default gateway=
    YCE application address (eth0):
- eth0: use static ip, dhcp or none?  [static]
  Using Fixed IP on eth0
    eth0: IPv4-address?  [] ==> VMs Static IP
    eth0: IPv4-netmask?  []
    eth0: Default-gateway address?  []
    eth0: NAT-ed IPv4-address?  []  ===> Externally Routed IP
    eth0: Primary-DNS address?  []
    eth0: Secondary-DNS address?  []
  eth0 settings:
    Boot-proto: static
    On-boot: yes
    Mac-address: 00:0c:29:3b:a5:18
    IPv4-network: /24
  eth0: Is this correct?  [Y]
--Save configuration?  [Y]
  == network
  == ifcfg-eth0
  == resolv.conf
--Restart networking service?  [Y]
  == network restart (wait...)
Shutting down interface eth0:                              [  OK  ]
Shutting down loopback interface:                          [  OK  ]
Bringing up loopback interface:                            [  OK  ]
Bringing up interface eth0:  Determining if ip address is already in use for device eth0...
                                                           [  OK  ]
--Use 'ntpdate' to periodically set date and time?  [N]
  == crontab
  == hosts
  == yce config update
--Re-generating application configurations and restarting daemons
-- ----------------------------------------
-- Starting 'yce_setup' regenerate
--   operating system: CentOS (6.10)
--   read network setup: '/opt/yce/etc/net_setup.xml'
--   read yce setup: '/opt/yce/etc/yce_setup.xml'
--   connected to database at '' using version '10.0.36-MariaDB'
-- Current setup
# YCE Server overview:
# Name         Domain               IP-address      Database Front-end Primary-db   Secondary-db
# ----         ------               ----------      -------- --------- ----------   ------------
# lab   id=1    yes       lab
-- Create configs for server 'lab'
-- Yce: /opt/yce/etc/lab_yce.conf
  retrieving file-transfer configurations...

***********Output snipped for brevity **************
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