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This page gives you an overview of all nodes polled for backups

At the top you see a search option allowing you to filter based upon Nodename, in case your NetYCE setup consists of multiple frontend servers you will find a box to show only the nodes being polled by the current server.

Fieldname Description
Show diff when config(s) from a node are present the select buttons will be presented here, select brings up a popup with all available configs which are selectable based upon the date retrieved
Nodename name of the network device
Last successful poll the last time a successful poll has been executed
Last failed poll the last time a poll failed for this node
Diffs total number of configurations present for this node
Polling when the maximum amount of unsuccessful logins has been reached the node will be disabled in the poller, ifso this will be indicated here
Connected servers the server(s) the nodename in question is assigned to

To view the available configurations for a node click the Select button next to the nodename in question which will open a seperate window showing the available configurations classified into months, first select the months to select the dates from, then select 2 dates to show the difference:

In this case the only diff is a added description on an interface. Let's say we would like to revert the configuration to the one without the description on that interface: select the date of the configuration you would like to restore and click the mark button. The date of the marked configuration will be printed in bold. Note that you can un-mark this config by clicking again on the mark button.

To restore this configuration we can run a “config_restore” job pointing to the marked configuration: make sure to add the -s option with 'marked' as argument, without this argument the most recent configuration for this node will be restored.

  [-s <select>]   specifies the NCCM configuration to select
                  may be one of:
                  'previous'  select most recent config prior to a command job. 
                              it selects the latest poll or pre-config backup available.
                              this is the default action if no -s option is provided
                  'last'      select the most recent NCCM backup available
                  'poll'      select the most recent NCCM polled backup
                  'marked'    select the NCCM config manually identified ('marked') 
                              using the NCCM 'Config diff' tools. 
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