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The compliance dashboard allows you a global overview of the compliance across your whole environment. The dashboard consists out of three sections.

The top two bars show you an overview of the ratios of compliance for your policies and nodes. The right green part represents all compliant nodes and policies, and the other sections the non-compliant ones by severity. You can see the actual percentages when you hover your mouse over the bars.

The two right grids contain the exact information, but in grid form. The percentages can also be found here, including the exact amount of policies and nodes that have that status, under the '#'-column.

Since in a healthy environment most of the nodes and policies are compliant, the “Failed only”-checkbox hides these results from the bars and the grid, allowing you a more detailed look at the non-compliant nodes and policies.

Note that only licensed nodes are counted when compiling the summaries for this dashboard.

The compliance per policy grid gives a quick overview of all of your active policies. Any policy that does not have any licensed node is not shown. The middle column shows the number of nodes in this policy that are not compliant. The right column shows the amount that are. You can filter the middle column on severity to have it only show one particular severity (for example if you want to only see the policies that nave high risk issues).

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