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Different ways of searching within your NCCM data

The diff reports tool offers multiple ways to search in the configuration data accumulated by the NCCM daemon.

By default the diff reports will only search in the last config known for each node in the selection, in case you would like to search in more than only the last configuration: untick the Last config only checkbox and put in the number of days to search within.

The Filter pulldown menu lets you select a group of nodes based on a specific nodename, domain, clientcode, sitecode, template or nodeclass: after selecting one of these values another pulldown menu will appear underneath with the corresponding values. After selecting the value to filter on, the node(s) which fit the search will be shown in the 2) Nodes grid.

By default all nodes that fit the selection criteria will be searched, but it is possible to deselect nodes from the 2) Nodes grid by unticking the checkbox.

Input the string to search for in the Search string box and click the Search button, depending on the numbers of nodes and/or the search string this could take a while.

Download results

To download the search results as a CSV file click the Download results link above the actual search results.

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