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NetYCE 7.1.1 Build_20190522

Release notes

Date: 2019-05-22

Note: These release notes form an addendum on the release notes that accompanied the initial build of version 7.1.1. Please consult the (extensive) 7.1.1 NetYCE 7.1.1 Build_20190501 build notes when updating from a 7.0.5 or older version.


Some modeled services can have many ip-subnets assigned to it. To simplify managing these the 'search' option familiar for many other data grids has been added to the Service Components tabs for IPv4 and IPv6.


Scenario parameters

The [parameters] section can be used to assign (static) parameters to be used in the command section of the Command Jobs, but also in the templates and relations. These parameters can be assigned string and numbers, but also use variables of the node and even its relations.

my_var1 = 'some string'
my_var2 = <some_variable>
my_var3 = <variable@relation:value>
my_var4 = <variable@relation:column=value>

All these assignemts worked as expected, save the last one. The 'my_var4' value would not be resolved and produced an incomplete string of the original. This issue has been resolved.

Another issue that was resolved involved indirect assignments: Scenario parameters based on other scenario parameters. These were substituted correctly when using strings as in 'my_var5', but not for 'my_var6'. These indirect resovles are now functional as well.

my_var1 = 'some string'
my_var4 = <variable@relation:column=value>

my_var5 = <my_var1>
my_var6 = <my_var2>


Test Command parsing

The command-parse tool has been reworked for a cleaner and more intuitive layout. Selecting a template no longer changes the filters allowing for a more trial-and-error approach.

The tool now supports multivendor parsing templates for all client-types. The parsed results are shown separate from the debugging output to better find and interpret the results. When results are lacking it is indicated.

Command parsing templates without a 'production' revision are not included in the list of templates.

Configuration generator

An situation was encountered where a job would not finish and consume a full 100% of a CPU. This proved to be caused by the configuration generator where the variable resolving ended up in a infinite loop.

A parameter in the scenario was assigned value that was pointing to itself: “var_name = <var_name>”. The generator was modified to detect these looped references at several syntaxes and produce appropriate “Circular reference” errors.

Config_create append

The scenario command Config_create has an option, -x, to cause it to append the parsed template output to an existing command file. It was found that this behaviour was also present without the -x.

This was corrected.

Ldap login

A problem was encountered when Ldap authentication failed due to group assignment validation. Depending on the schema deployed this issue could not manifest itself, or only under some circumstances.

The fix involved extracting the 'DN' from the Ldap group record in the proper way.

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