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Ticketing system

Our ticketing system is accessible via

If you haven't receive access yet, please let us know.

Ticket submission

From the top of the screen. Select Projects: (you may have less options)

Select “Support tickets NetYCE” from “View all” or directly from the recent “most recent” section.

Support tickets page

On this page you’ll find new, open and closed tickets. Closed tickets are by default filtered (hidden) but can be seen by clearing the filter.

Add a new task and fill in the basics and assign it to your name. (This way, we know who to contact for further questions.) Save it and click on the created ticket to fill the details.

Ticket requirements

  • Title
  • Description
  • Start date; if you wish you are able to set a future start date

The description should at least contain:

  • NetYCE version
  • Which server is it running on
  • What isn’t working
  • What is the desired outcome
  • Is it reproducible
  • Screenshot(s)
  • If it relates to a certain job, refer to the job number in question.
  • What type of device are you communicating with? (Vendor, OS version, details please)

You are able to add yourself and others as followers in this ticket to receive updates.

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