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When the build phase is chosen, the main build form is shown. This page is divided 3 areas: the clients, sites and nodes/services area.

Main Build operations


The client area shows all the clients to which the user has permission. Each client listed shows the Name, the Region, the number of supernets, the status and the permission of the user to the client.

The Client is the top of the tree, which can contain multiple sites, which can contain multiple services, which can contain multiple nodes.

Deletion of a Client is only possible, when there are no more sites associated.

More details on the Client


The site area shows all the sites of the selected client. The name of the site, the site-type, the address zip code and city (when known), the site status.

Deletion of a site is only possible when all the services on the site are deleted.

More details on the Site

Nodes / Services

This area lists all the nodes of the selected client. When a site on this client is selected, only the nodes of that site will be shown. The same applies for services.

A node is always linked to one service, while a service may be linked to multiple nodes.

More details on the Nodes

More details on the Services

Create a new node

In order to create a new node, you have to create a new service. You can do this with the button “Create services, below the nodes grid. This will open a window that allows you to select a service class to run.

The options you can select are based on the service classes you have defined for the site type of your site. More information of this can be found at the Site types section.

You can select both in the image and in the grid, and you can only select a service class that hasn't exceeded its limit of nodes within this site. When you have selected the service class you can click on the “Add node” button to go add your node.

The next screen will allow you to select a specific service type, defined in the service types. More information of this can be found at the Service-types section.

When you click on the “start”-button, the service task “Create” of this service type will be run. It will do everything that you have specified in order, and will report its actions in the 'Create log' field at the bottom half of the form, including any errors that might have occurred. When finished, a button appears at the bottom that can take you to the form that corresponds to the service that has just been created.


Graph pane

The graph button will show the network based on the information in the database. This can be shown on Client level as well as on site level. Nodes can be positioned and saved within the view.

Connections overview

This picture will give you an idea on how this and the information of the subsections is tied together.

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