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Custom data

The Custom data page allows you to view, edit, create and delete database records: to select a table simply click the corresponding button

When we click on one of the tables, for e.g Nccm_parameters shown below, we can view the records in that table.

As we type away into the search box on top right, the tables matching the text are displayed. For e.g if we type dhc, the tables matching dhc are shown

To create a new record click the New button , required fields will be marked with a *, click the Save button to create the record.

To search through the rows click the Search button whereupon the a search field for every column will appear

To edit a existing row select the row in question and change the value(s) then click the Save button.

To delete a row select the row and click the delete button , after confirming the prompt by clicking the OK button the row will be deleted.

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