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NetYCE 7.0.2 Build_20171024

Release notes

Date: 2017-10-25


Local Wiki installation

To install the NetYCE Wiki pages on a local NetYCE server to downloads were available to update the engine and the Wiki pages. This assumed that the manual steps involved with the initial installation were carried out properly.

Now the installation is further automated at the upload and installation of the Wiki pages using the NetYCE front-end, eliminating the manual steps to activate the Wiki locally. The initial setup still requires various steps as are outlined in the Wiki page “Download WIKI installation files” at “”.

The Wiki installation now also ensures that any customer-special Wiki pages are included with a local Wiki installation. They are clearly indicated using the customer name in the Wiki menu. Only those customer-special pages will be installed as are indicated by the customer license-file. To show the customer-special pages on the local Wiki requires the 'wiki-engine' to be updated.

OSS integration: deltas update

The datasets retrieved through the OSS integration can now determine changes in parameters (deltas). These changes are then mapped to service-types to update the NetYCE model while a joblist is created for scheduling by the operator to update the network.

Service-types to check subnet-port assignments

Three new service-type commands were added to the available set bringing the total to 274. Two of these are for verification purposes since they will return an alias if the given port and subnet are 'assigned'. The LOCATE-PORT-AT_SUBNET will return the port alias whereas the LOCATE-SUBNET-AT_PORT will return the subnet alias. Both require the subnet alias and the port alias.

The LOCATE-PORTS-AT_SUBNET is slightly different. It requires a portlist-alis and a subnet-alias as input, and then returns only those ports that are assigned to the subnet. These are returned as a portlist-alias.

HP_C7 file transfer over VPN

In designs where 'management' traffic is routed over a distinct VPN, the NetYCE file transfers will fail. These connections are not initiated by the NetYCE server but by the device, that in those cases require the transfer command to include the VPN name used for management.

To this end, the Node_vpn object now has the 'Vpn_management' attribute that is must identify the desired VPN. Since the Node_vpn inherits most attribute values from the Mpls_vpn object, the corresponding Mpls_management was added as well.

The current implementation is - for now - limited to HP_C7 tftp transfers for the configuration backups. OS file transfers will not yet support the VPN.

Service-type to set Vrf attributes

The Mpls_vrf and Node_vrf objects were extended with 'Mpls_management' and 'Vrf_management' attributes respectively. This attribute is implemented as a checkbox to signal the Vrf is used for 'management' traffic.

To allow the modeler to set or unset the 'Vrf_management' attribute, a new service-type was added that permits Node_vrf attributes to be changed: “ASSIGN - VRF - -attribute-”.

The 'Vrf_management' is used by NetYCE to transfer files between the device and the NetYCE server. If a Vrf is assigned to the node with the 'Vrf_manangement' set, the file transfer will specicially use the indicated Vrf.


Obsoleted Cisco 'squeeze'

Traditionally, several Cisco devices using flash drives required a 'squeeze' command to free up the disk space after a file was removed. This command was required when performing OS-upgrades make the available space usable. However, all (supported) Cisco devices have obsoleted this command and its requirement. Since the failed squeeze also affected the NetYCE OS-upgrade process, the use of the squeeze has been removed from the Cisco vendor modules.


Restore fail

A problem was reported when restoring a database on a freshly build system. It would report a 'software error' at the end of the restore process. The issue will only be observed when no Jobs were present on the system. A test that updates the latest available Job-id failed when not finding any. This test has been corrected.

Client type create bug fix

Fixed a bug in which client types can't be created anymore.

Site Create Redirect

Creating a site now redirects to the site edit form.

Site Create Rabonet

Create Site now shows rabonet data based on Show_migration in the lookup. Possible subject to change

New Sitecode Search Zipcode

You can now search for zip codes in the new sitecode form again.

Max sites per Client and Client Type

Client types and clients now allow for a max sites.

Client search select

Searching a client now automatically selects this in its grid.

Switch Port Details Description

Changing templates in the switchportdetails form now also changes the port's description.

EVPN VLAN Search width

The EVPN form VLAN search field is now wide enough again to search

Site Notes Save

When editing a site's site notes, the notes are now saved to the database.

Free GRE's when deleting node

When deleting a node using the NetYCE front-end, the GRE allocations used by this node were not freed. Performing the same action using the API did free them. This situation has been corrected.

Switchport Color Fix

A real fix has been incorporated for the port colors that were wrong. The Red and Blue values got mixed up in the transition from YCE version 5 to 7. They are now set everywhere in the same correct way.

Net reservations bug

Net reservations in the IPv4 subnet form are now editable again.

Update for scenarios with 'reload'

Many of the scenario commands were changed to a more consistent naming convention. One of them was 'Reload' that is now named 'Reboot_node'. The old names are still supported however.

This lead to a conflict in parameter names. The parameter 'reload' is now interpreted as a 'Reboot_node' command. The new syntax checker of the jobs correctly denies the operation causing the job to fail.

By altering the standard scenarios for 'Startup-config' and 'Node-migration', the jobs created by the tools 'Startup config', 'Reload node' and 'Node migration' will no longer fail for this reason.

Login change password

When logging in using an expired password, the login prompted for an updated password and its verification. When done, the user is granted access under the assumption his password was updated.

The password was not updated however, causing the user to be denied access when using his new password. If the old password was tried, the password update presented itself again. This bug has now been corrected.

Another problem has been identified where the password expiry notification was behaving erratically. This will be corrected shortly.

Client supernet form closes

Fixed the bug where the client supernet details form could not be closed.

Subnet form vlan can be empty

The subnet datails form prevent users from making changes. This was due to a missing required field, in this case the 'Vlan-id' field. The 'Vlan-id' field has been removed from the field validations for IP subnets forms. This goes for version 4 and 6.

Job logs current time

The job logs form showed a current time of “null” in certain versions of firefox. This is now fixed.

Missing permissions for custom table

Athe custom NMS table was not accessible using the 'Admin - Custom data' tools. The table 'Dhcp_profiles' needed to be included in the permissions to giv this access.

Patch 17102303 adds these permissions if this table is present.

IP Subnet vlan templates

The available vlan-templates in the subnet-edit form was limited to a subset. Vlan-templates where the vendors vlan-interface name was not 'Vlan' were unlisted. By selecting using the interface-class 'Vl' instead of the interface-name 'Vlan' are all vendors' vlan-templates now listed.

Browser Viewing

Users with browser levels could not open the Client, Site, Node and Service forms in the past, even though this was desired. They can now open the forms, but are unable to save anything. Unless, of course, they are given the ability through the auth_permissions table.

Node par-group default

When creating a node many af its attributes are defined in the NodeType. When custom attributes are needed for a node, the NodeType needs to specify the group name of the custom attributes. This Par_group did not have a default value in NetYCE v7.0 where it did have one, 'Node', in v6.x. Now the Par_group 'Node' is assigned by default.

Site-profile menu

The drop-down menus in the Site edit form for Site_profile1 and Site_profile2 listed the 'description' along with the numeric value instead of the intended 'str_value' and its numeric value. This has been corrected.

HP-C5 vendor module

The HP_C5 vendor module for NetYCE version 7.0 proved to have several failures. Most due to the unverified status of the rewritten module. The issues corrected include:

  • undetected login confirmation
  • misaligned cli-mode setting and dependencies
  • double responses to command confirmations or prompts
  • node prompt detection issues
  • undesired wait periods

These corrected aspects will allow for the execution of command jobs using cli configuration changes and (nccm) backups. Verification of node startup-configuration pushes and reboots need yet to take place.

HP-C7 vendor module

The HP_C7 vendor module for NetYCE version 7.0 proved to have several failures. The issues corrected include:

  • double responses to command confirmations or prompts
  • omit 'flash:' in target filename when saving a configuration to disk
  • correctly insert vpn name in file transfers

Template edit fix

The OK and Apply buttons in the Template Edit Form (not revisions) are visible again.

Searching for certain sites doesn't crash the main form anymore.

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