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Polling groups

For backups, NetYCE “Polling Groups” to group together settings nodes whose backups are maintained. A Polling Group is a collection of nodes that use the same Next poll interval (which is the period to wait before a new poll will be scheduled) and number of polling-retries (the amount of retries when the configuration cannot be retrieved before polling of the node in question will be disabled, to re-enable one or more nodes take a look at nccm selection) under a shared name. The nodes can be assigned to the Polling Group directly when its type is set to “Nodes”.

By entering node-names or node-name wildcards all matching nodes can be assigned directly to the Polling Group. Any unwanted nodes can simply be removed from the list.

The “Nodes” type Polling Group has the benefit of a straightforward node name assignment but has the drawback of being static. That means when a new CMDB-node or YCE-node is added it is not automatically included in the NCCM polling.

To achieve the dynamic inclusion of nodes in a Polling Group, its type must be set to “Node groups”. Now the operator can only select which Node Groups can be assigned to the Polling Group. Node Groups are a collection of nodes matching one or more criteria and are therefore dynamic in nature. New nodes are automatically included or excluded from the Polling group based on attributes like Client, Client type, Domain, Site and Vendor. For more robust NCCM deployments the Node Group approach is recommended. Setting max retries to '0' will ensure the node will keep getting polled, otherwise the node will be put on disabled after x failed poll attempts.

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