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MPLS vpns

Within the MPLS VPN form, it is possible to define MPLS VPN's. Instead of fixed values, it's possible to use parameterized values.
Although the term MPLS is used, this form and the information stored can also be used as a VRF lite configuration.

VRF id

The VRF id is used as a reference value within the system. It is possible to use this parameter within the configuration. This id is not the individual id for a VRF on a device, but the ID for this type of VRF on all devices.

VRF name

The actual name of the VRF. This can be parameterized, so it will have a name related to the device it is provisioned on.

Client type

The Client type where this VRF can be used.


The Autonomous System number which will be used within the VRF configuration.

VRF Route distinguisher

The Route distinguisher used for this configuration. When using a VRF lite configuration, this setting is not necessary. We would recommend 1) as the route distinguisher. This setting had the highest probability of being global unique.

VRF Route target

The route target used for this configuration. Again, when using VRF lite, this setting is not necessary.

MPLS option 1

Additional MPLS options, which is free format. This could be used for any value. Such as maximum route statements, or additional route target import or exports.

MPLS option 2

Same as MPLS option 1.


Set this option to 1 in case this VRF will be used for management, NetYCE will use the name entered at the VRF name field when transferring files for the following vendors: HP Comware 7, Huawei.


To assist creating categories of Node VRFs, Mpls_types and Vrf_types can be used. These values are set in the General settings.

The values for these attributes are defined in the 'Lookup' using the 'Mpls_type' variable of the 'Translation' class. As many entries as desired can be created using this lookup variable. These values will be presented as drop-down menu lists from which one value can be selected.

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