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Download Releases, Licenses, Databases

Update images

The release installation guide will help you update your system.

The YCE distribution images can be downloaded below:

Current 8.x releases
download link md5 checksum type of release release notes

See release notes - If previous prelim release
was installed, corrective action is required

2262e8d6a6d91b97f89fa9263aa02c3b General release NetYCE 8.1.0 Build 20220920
yce_8.2.0_20230215.bin 4c958580dc3ecdfacd346f966a588ea0 General release NetYCE 8.2.0 Build 20230214
yce_8.2.1_20230516.bin f7db76586c6e81c4fcc5a4cc6d026c6a General release NetYCE 8.2.1 Build 20230516
yce_8.2.1_20240617.bin 16e0b5590d3ba0ccaf9b284f15e0f887 Prelim release NetYCE 8.2.1 Active_build
Version 8.x, make sure you install Syslog-NG. For more information on what it is for: NCCM Syslog.
NetYCE installation images come in two forms, as a “General release” or as a “Preliminary build”. Only the general releases are intended for production usage since they have been more fully tested. Please consult the NetYCE development branches and releases page for an explanation of the distinctions.

The installation images can be installed using the YCE front-end as outlined below. These images can be used for upgrading dot-releases (e.g: 8.0 → 8.1) and for updating patchlevels (e.g: 8.0.0_20220101 → 8.0.0_20220501)

These images contain the full NetYCE distribution set. Incremental installations are not required. Please note that these distribution images rely on YCEperl support packages that on occasion (normally at major releases) must be upgraded prior to the update image. The recent YCEperl revisions are OS-version specific. See below at YCEperl

Major version upgrades will have an installation guide published here and a NetYCE license file update.


The YCE perl support package that contains all libraries and external modules that the NetYCE distribution set relies on. These can be downloaded here as well, and are usually installed from the Linux command line, but can be uploaded and installed using the GUI.

Updating is ONLY required when upgrading a major-release (7.x → 8.x) or a dot-release (8.0 → 8.1) or feature updates if indicated.

Although the CentOS/RedHat 6 support will be discontinued as of November 30th, 2021, some customers may wish to continue to run using these systems for a while longer.

As our latest developments rely on CentOS/RedHat 7, and is supported using our YCEperl-7.2.2 package, the newer NetYCE releases will not function properly in all areas on CentOS 6.10 using YCEperl-7.0.2. Especially the REST API's and the forthcoming front-end updates will require an update.

To this end we created YCEperl-7.0.3 that can only be installed on CentOS/RedHat 6.10 systems and supersedes the YCEperl-7.0.2.

Note that CentOS/RedHat 7.x systems must use the YCEperl-7.2.2 or later support package as it can only be installed in those environments.

Yceperl Version CentOS / RedHat md5 checksum
yceperl_7.0.2.bin 7.0.2 6.x, 7.x e4861836c605c2cd1b69f641b7952922
yceperl_7.0.3.bin 7.0.3 6.10 093b939da0b6c448879e0d3cb2a675e4
yceperl_7.2.2.bin 7.2.2 7.x 2b049e3171cc709cc1a2a8efc7864ec9
yceperl_8.0.0.bin 8.0.0 7.x bd42427ef8b96ba526c7aa5749e103ef
yceperl_8.1.0.bin 8.1.0 7.x d8fb50993b5954fdb9db909726c68cfa

Installation of the YCE perl distribution requires the file to be uploaded to the YCE server using the 'yce' functional user. Then, login as 'yce' and execute sh yceperl_8.1.0.bin. Installing the YCEperl package using the GUI is supported. Use the 'Admin → System → System status“ tool and check the “full report” option. Scroll down to the same “Install YCE distribution” button as regular updates. Select the file to upload and click the Install button. The YCEperl version must be updated on all NetYCE systems individually.

Note 1: The YCE perl update must be installed BEFORE upgrading to a higher YCE dot-release.
Note 2: YCEperl 8.0.0 is already bundled in the CentOS-7 based downloadable “Genesis” OVA.


The new license can be downloaded from the table below. The installation instructions will help you install the license from the GUI or using the CLI.

The Genesis (Free) license is used by the free netYCE version.

License Valid till Version mask
Genesis (Free) License v7 20300131 7.x.x
Genesis (Free) License v8 20300501 8.x.x

Genesis database and ini files

If you had already downloaded the genesis OVA in the past, you may choose to just update the database and possibly updated ini files.

It is required that the patch level is higher than the database that is being loaded. If you have this warning, please make sure you have patched your system.

Upload and restore the database in Admin > System > DB archives.

Your current information in the database will be overwritten, not merged.
Database Release date Minimal required patchlevel
YCEdb_genesis_20191219_1134.arch 20191219_1134 20191218
YCEdb_genesis_20201116_0952.arch 20201116_0952 20201026
First install MariaDB-10.3 database march 2021 20210401
First install MariaDB-10.6 database sept 2022 20220901

Overwrite the 'YCE CSV API' contents in Admin > System > Edit configs.
Make sure to save/merge your own additions, if needed.

INI file Release date
csv_api.ini 20200415
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