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NetYCE 7.0.2 Build_20171010

Release notes

Date: 2017-10-10


Job parameter handling

Added transparent handling of the job variables set in the [parameter] and [scenario] sections of each command-job. The [parameter] variables are defined at job-submission while the scenario variables are assigned at run-time resulting in confusing results and scenario command syntaxes. By extending parameter substitution to a two-pass operation, the parameter handling has been made mostly transparent.

OS Upgrade Frontend

Some Vendors do not support OS Upgrades yet, yet the frontend made it seem like they did. The frontend now shows it clearly when a Node's vendor type isn't supported yet.

Port Missing Template Message

In the switchportconfig form, whenever a port lacks a template, a popup now appears to warn the user.

GNS3/IOU telnet support

The simulated Cisco devices under GNS3 generated login prompts with additional characters preventing login using Telnet. Adding a special case to detect these unclean prompts and evoking a new prompt resolved this issue.

Cramer Deltas

Part 1 of cramer deltas, comparing cramer output to netyce data. A check for deleted nodes in Cramer has also been added.

Tweak 'Allow_topo_multipoint'

The front-end and the Service-types do not allow a device port to have multiple topology connections sice they are point-to-point by nature. However, for migration purposes a feature to selectively allow multiple links per port is desirable. For this purpose the Lookup tweak 'Allow_topo_multipoint' is added that can allow or deny this behaviour per Client-type. The default denies it for all Client-types conform existing policies. A tweak record with this name can be added for each Client-type, overruling this setting using the Num value.


Tasker logging

The tasker logs for an assignment always consisted out of two or three lines. This is now condensed into one line.

User groups client level dropdown

Moved the client level dropdown in the user groups form to a better place.

Template remark field

Changed Scenario, Stored Job, Template and Template Revision Description size from 50 to 200 characters.

Scenario conversion

Version 7.0 uses different command names and options in its scenarios. Existing scenarios are converted automatically although the old name and options are still supported.

Service Class Sort

Service classes in site types are now sorted by Hid

Task-logs form

The Task-id's can exceed 9999 jobs per day. An when they do, the form sorted them alphabetically so that newer jobs appeared hundreds of pages lower than expected. The form also did not have an option to filter or search by Task_id. The sort order has been revised to deal with these large Task-ids and a search facility has been added. The Timestamp column has been widened to show the full date and time.


Net::IP Warning

Fixes the issue where any file that includes Common gave a list of warnings from the Net::IP module. Overloaded the library Net::IP file with our own modified version.

Service-type Custom subnet attribute

Assigning a custom subnets network address and/or network prefix failed when using the service-type: ASSIGN-SUBNET-attribute. This has been corrected. The net_address value supplied can now also include the prefix (address/prefix).

Site relation update

The 'Site' relation would show all sites corresponding to the SiteCode, regardless of ClientCode. This has been corrected by updating the 'Site' relation.

Vendor Module fix

Fixed a patch with a typo in its sql statement, failing to create state actions for Avaya VSP Added v7 functions to the Huawei module

Ports not displayed

Ports with an invalid port-template were not displayed. This is now fixed along with a popup to inform the user which ports must have their port-templates revised

Service Class Permissions

Fixed bug where you cannot create, edit and delete service classes.

HP_C5 OS Upgrades

Added OS Upgrade Support for HP_C5. Warning: still experimental so may experience bugs. Please contact NetYCE when encountering one. Fixed squeeze issue in Cisco IOS

API IPv4 or dual stack support

The 'yce_xch' API daemon supported IPv6 in a dual-stack environment. However, when only IPv4 is available, the API failed to start. The ipv4-only or dual-stack support is now configured dynamically.

HP_C7 OS Upgrades

Added OS Upgrade Support for HP_C7. Warning: still experimental so may experience bugs. Please contact NetYCE when encountering one.

Cisco_Nexus OS Upgrades

Added OS Upgrade Support for Cisco_Nexus. Warning: still experimental so may experience bugs. Please contact NetYCE when encountering one.

Cisco_XR OS Upgrades

Added OS Upgrade Support for Cisco_XR. Warning: still experimental so may experience bugs. Please contact NetYCE when encountering one.

Huawei OS Upgrades

Added OS Upgrade Support for Huawei. Warning: still experimental so may experience bugs. Please contact NetYCE when encountering one.

Domain Create Network

Fixed the issue where clicking on the create button of the domain networks form redirects you to a totally different form.

Forever 'Running' jobs

Jobs hat were stopped or failed to finish properly were reported the be 'running' forever. Now, every five minutes the running jobs are examined and if dead are changed to the 'aborted' state.

Command parsing template bug

Fixes an issue where command parsing templates are not selected properly

IPv4 Plan Delete bug

IPv4 Plans can now be deleted again.

Multiple command-jobs

Command-jobs issued for various nodes at the same time were using the same nodename for <node>. This issue was introduced after making the variable substitution in jobs more intuitive and transparent.

Client Type Variable Client Level

Support was built in for adding client types with variable client levels to user groups, in the user groups form previously. Now the same support is implemented in the client types form.

Cisco-IOS ssh support

A bug was introduced forcing Telnet as the communication protocol on all the Cisco-IOS devices. This was corrected so that ssh is the preferred and telnet the backup protocol.

Tasker Fix

A bug was encountered when processing the data from config parsing due to treating an array reference as a hash reference. This is now fixed.

NCCM logging failure messages

The NCCM logging will show “Failed to open job log: Permission denied” messages. Normally each job will log into their own jobID-based log-files, but for NCCM the level of logging is reduced and centralized. The error message was caused by trying to create a detailed log to an unavailable job path. Setting the proper conditional resolved this issue.

NCCM logging

The NCCM log file (yce_nccmd.log) was found to be growing very quickly in a busy environment. By making much of the detailed logging dependent on the general NetYCE debugging flag (~/etc/yce_debug), the default logging is now reduced to the daemon, the pollers and the polling result statuses.

Regions bug

Fixed a bug that prevented editing region names.

Subnet plan bug

Fixes the bug that prevented you from editing IP subnet plans

Command parse fix

Fixed a command parsing bug where complex command results weren't parsed properly.

Slow NCCM Config-diffs form

The default filter of the 'Operate - NCCM - Config diffs' tool is blank. To limit the time waiting for a report that probably would need a filter, only the top 200 nodes in the NCCM repository were shown. However, in larger environments, this time was still considerable. The report fortunately allowed for some optimizations so that the initial report will require minimal time.

HP_C7 trying to run dir command in privileged mode

HP_C7 doesnt allow the 'dir' command to be executed in privileged mode, this fix makes sure this cannot happen anymore, ensuring usable output from the 'dir' command.

Nccm debug logging

The yce_nccm_debug.log file was receiving very large amounts of log data regardless of the debug or development flags. This behaviour is now keyed to the yce_development flag file.

Relaunching disabled or 'ignored' daemons

The completed by relaunching the various daemons. It did so regardless of disabled status or the ignore-flag being set. The 'relaunch' script now takes these and other factors in consideration when relaunching a daemon or binging 'down' and 'up' all daemons.

Infoblox ipam/dns report

The Infobox reports for DNS and IPAM now have support to define the network-view. And, to allow legacy requests without the network_view attribute, a default could be specified. The issue was however, that an obsolete variable was used as the default resulting in an empty report. An error message clarifying the missing view was absent. The correct defaults are used nowi and error messages issued.

Region relation failed

The 'Region' relation did not show the expected results. The Relation query was updated to include the custom attributes, but incomplete. The resulting values did often belong to a different region. The relation query was updated to fix this issue.

Node rename check

When renaming a node with the Tweak 'Change_hostname' enabled, no checks were performed to verify the new hostname was not in use. The rename would so result in database objects to become unrelated.

Renaming a node to an existing name will now result in a popup indicating the name clash.

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