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Node Group attributes

This article describes the setup of the Node Groups in mode detail. For a general description refer to the Node groups article.

Node groups are used throughout NetYCE as a dynamic means to use groups of nodes. Dynamic, because the group definition contains rules and conditions to find nodes based on attribute values.

NetYCE has two distinct type of nodes: 'yce'-nodes are fully modeled and consist of many different object types offering a massive set of variables. 'cmdb'-nodes are not modeled as offer only a handful of variables but can be added very quickly ad-hoc. Most customers use a combination of these types of nodes.

When creating node-groups using the various node variables as dynamic filter, we have to make the same distinction between 'yce' and 'cmdb' nodes. Hence there are three “scopes” of node-groups: The 'all' scope will find nodes in both the 'yce' and the 'cmdb' realms using the attributes that are common to both. Then there is the 'cmdb' scope that locates nodes in the 'cmdb' using its set of attributes. And finally the 'yce' scope which locates its nodes from the 'yce' database.

The 'attributes available to a node-group are thus dependent on the scope selected when creating the group. Due to its restriction in usable attributes an 'all' scope node-group can be changed into an 'yce' or 'cmdb' scope, but not the reverse.

'All' atributes:

Hostname The unique name of the node
Node_fqdn The full-qualified-domain-name of the node
Domain The management domain name the node belongs to
Region The name of the Region of the Client the node belongs to
Client_type The client-type of the node's Client
ClientCode The name of the node's Client
SiteCode The name of the node's Site
Vendor_type The name of the node's vendor module
Node_model The hardware type as reported by the node. Updated with job or nccm.
Software_version The firmware version as reported by the node. Updated with job or nccm.
Device_status The textual status of node ('active', 'planned', etc)
DeviceStatus The numeric status of node (0, 1, 2, etc)
Source 'yce' or 'cmdb', 'yce' prevails over 'cmdb'

'Cmdb' attributes:

includes the 'all' attributes
Admin_domain The name of the organizational group responsible for the node
Mgmt_vrf_name The name of the management VRF that is to be used for (backup) file transfers

'Yce' attributes:

includes the 'all' attributes
Node_domain The domain-name part of node's fqdn
Node_position The location of the node in the service reference model (NA, NB, SA, SB, SV)
Template The name of the node's main template
Node_class The name of the node-type class or group
Node_type The name of modeled node-type that created the node
Site_type The name of the site's type
Service_class The name of the service-class the service-type is part of
Service_type The name of the service-type model the node was created with
Model_name The hardware model name as assigned to the template

The 'Value' holds a list of (wildcard) strings that each can match with the 'Attribute'. When matching to a string containing spaces, use quotes around the string.

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