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Q I'm logged in the GUI but can't see the grids.
A You are trying to use the FQDN while the application is set to using the IP address or the other way around. Run and set DNS resolved to either yes/no, depending on your environment.

Q After logging in nothing is shown at all.
A Make sure you are allowed to access the NetYCE system using either TCP port 80/443 and port 8080. See: YCE Connection matrix

Q Where do I find the latest patches and licenses?
A Patches and licenses

Q Can't access the GUI, showing {{ version }}
A Make sure you've run '' as root, '' as 'yce'-user.

  1. verify all processes are running using 'go ps'
  2. if mysql is not running, execute: as 'yce'-user
  3. execute 'go up' for the remaining processes
  4. Make sure all necessary ports are reachable, connection matrix

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