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A Domain in netYCE sets common communication parameters for devices administered by the same team. Let's say your network has an admin teams for North America and EMEA. Devices in these two admin Domains have different configurations for AAA server in NA and EMEA. NA admins cannot access EMEA devices and vice versa. Accounts used by netYCE to access devices have different credentials in both Domains.

The domains form allows you to manage your domains using the following 5 subforms:


The management form provides the configuration for snmp and syslog access. The screen also alows setting the default enable password when accessing a device.

Add a new Domain using New. Or start a new domain as a duplicate of another with Duplicate. Delete will delete a domain.

You can also Export and Import domain configurations for easy transport between netYCE servers.


The Users form stored device access credentials

This form contains some fields that will soon become obsolete.

Field Purpose
Rme user The default account used by netYCE when accessing the device. Usually this account is configured in an external AAA system. The user upd is used when changing configuration (RW user)
Rme user upd
Local user An account that is tried when access with Rme User fails. Usually this account is configured in the local device configuration and becomes accessible when communication to the AAA server is lost. The user upd is used when changing configuration (RW user).
Local user upd
Maint user An account that can be chosen when executing maintenance jobs. Possibly because of privileges, or just to flag maintenance jobs versus other jobs.
If ser chap host Legacy Serial (modem) access user and password.
If ser chap password
Fallback ppp user Legacy serial PPP (network access) user and password
Fallback ppp password
Fallback telnet user Legacy serial telnet (console access via the network) user and password
Fallback telnet password
ISDN passwrd Legacy password used when connecting to an ISDN interface of the device


The routing subform makes it possible to register BGP AS number, a north bound BGP AS number and password, TTY timeout, OSPF mask, HRSP password and a MPLS fingerprint


The custom subform allow to set values for custom attributes within the domain. These attributes can be defined in the custom attributes form in AdminCustom attributes.

These attributes are available to jobs allowing to parameterize certain values for these jobs.


The networks subform lets you create networks within a defined domain based on prefix, netmask and inverse netmask.

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