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Licensed Nodes

Your netyce license contains a number of nodes that you will be able to use for compliance. When your actual amount of nodes exceeds this number, this form can be used to tweak which nodes you want to have activated.

The grid here contains all nodes in the NCCM. The colors correspond to their nccm status:

  • Black means a node that is currently being polled
  • Red means that polling on the node has been halted, due to an error (and it exceeded its maximum number of retries in its polling group)
  • Gray means that the node is not currently polling for NCCM, it has been manually turned off.

The second column of the grid shows if the node is currently licensed. You can select one or more nodes, and turn their licenses on or off. Left of the grid, you can see how many licensed nodes you are, and the upper limit on the number of licensed nodes for your environment.

A few notes about licenses:

  • If a node is added and you have not reached the maximum of licensed nodes, it will automatically be licensed.
  • If a node is added and you have reached the maximum of licensed nodes, it will automatically be not licensed.
  • When you enable one or more nodes for compliance, and the total amount of licensed nodes would exceed the maximum number of licensed nodes, a number of nodes are automatically set to not licensed, until it is no longer exceeded. It will start with the nodes with the polling time furthest into the future, that you did not select. After that it will continue with the nodes you selected, based on the same criteria. Your maximum number of licensed nodes can never be exceeded.
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