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Polling status

The polling status screen provides an overview of all nodes present in the polling group(s), allowing you to filter on nodes that are being polled or polling has been halted as a result of reaching the max retries defined in polling group in question, another option is not polling when the node(s) are not part of a polling group but the configuration got stored in the NCCM because of the backup feature within command jobs. Entries here are color-coded: red text means the polling is halted (due to some error), nodes with black text refer to nodes that are being polled, and gray ones are not being polled (by design). The maximum amount of nodes shown in one page is 200, beyond this number you can navigate through pages by clicking the < and > buttons or « and » to jump to the first or last page.

In case your netYCE setup consists of multiple backend servers you will see more than one of these servers listed in the Schedule_servers column.

Next_poll_time shows the next time the node listed will be polled. Last successful poll contains the timestamp of the last time an nccm poll was successful. Last failed poll the last time a failed nccm poll happened.

At the bottom of the grid are a number of buttons:

  • Schedule now: Takes the node or nodes that are selected, and puts their Schedule_time at the current time. This will cause them to be picked up by the next cycle (if load permitted) of the nccmd daemon for an nccm poll.
  • Delete: Deletes this node from the NCCM. It will not be polled again for nccm, nor for compliance. Note however that when this entry was created through a polling group it will be automatically re-created (history will not be re-installed), therefore limiting the use of this button.
  • Re-enable: Any selected nodes that are not polled, or where the polling has been halted are set to polling again, and their schedule time is set to the current timestamp.
  • Force daemon: Forces a cycle of the nccmd daemon. Normally it wakes up every 5 minutes, but with this you can force it to wake up right now and carry out its tasks.
  • Search: Allows you to search through the nodes

For more information on nccm selections, see the reference guide.

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