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Client types

Client types are the starting point within the modeling process. A client is basically a customer for which, one or more networks must be managed. Specific User Groups can be assigned to manage a client type.
For instance a client can be a supermarket chain. They have their supermarket locations, their (regional or main) headquarters and perhaps 1 or 2 datacenters.

Client types form

The client types form consists of 3 sections:

Client types section

Within the client-types section, Clients can be added or deleted. When selecting an existing client, the IP-plans assigned and Groups assigned section will change.

Delete a Client-type

To be able to delete a client-type, it should be free of dependencies. In this case clients.

IP-plans assigned / available

When there is a client type selected, the associated IP-plans will be shown. From the IP plan section, IP plans can be assigned to the client-type.

Groups assigned

When there is a client selected, the associated groups will show in the Groups assigned section. In order to assign or remove a group, you can use the arrow symbols. In order to change the permission level from global level for the said Client Type, the drop-down box with appropriate permission must be selected.

More on users and groups

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