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Group test

With the group test utility you are able to verify the Node Groups created.

The two functions of the group test are:

  1. Verify which nodes belong to a certain group
  2. Verify which groups reflect a certain node

1. Verify a group

The following dropdown menus can be used to filter your options.

group filters

Using the filters the amount of options can be reduced, after which you may select a group to verify its contents.

group vendors

The amount of nodes for the group are shown, as well as the logs. The logs explain how this conclusion came to be. Depending on the debug level chosen, it is more verbose.

2. Verify a node

To verify if a node is part of a certain or multiple groups the Node member test is used.

node test

The group names are shown along with their respective information; description, scope and tag. The logs show the information on how the conclusion came to be, with more verbosity depending on the debug level.

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