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Site types

Site types are specific architectural designs types within a specific Client type. For instance a Client type can have a Datacenter architecture, a WAN, a large LAN with redundancy and a small LAN without redundancy.
These are all different site types, because they have a different architecture.

Site types section

Within the site types section an overview of all the different site types is listed. New site types can be added (+) or deleted . Filtering by client type can be applied by using the search () icon.

When selecting a site type, details of the site type will be displayed below in the Site types section and in the Service class section.

Site type details

There are 6 mandatory parameters per site to be set. Also a site type image can be uploaded.

  • SiteType: A reference number for a specific site type.
  • Site class: A reference name for a specific site type.
  • Max sites/client type: The maximum number for this site type per client type. When set to 0, there is no limit.
  • Max sites/client: The maximum number for this site type per client. When set to 0, there is no limit.
  • Name format: The naming convention for a site type.
  • Caption: The display name for this site type.

Site type format

Through the site type format button, a subform will be opened, where the site code can be formatted.

By clicking the purple blocks the partial block can be edited. There are several variables which can be selected. Also the Literal value can be selected, which sets a fixed value. With the options on the right specifics can be set. With the OK button, the format will be saved. The Close button or the button, discards the settings.

Service class section

Service class sectionAt the service class section, the different architectural layers can be defined. Each service class can be modelled in the Service types form. The service classes are defined by name and represent a specific function throughout the clienttype, NOT the site type. For instance a service class with a name Router must have the same function throughout the client type.

Service class details

When selecting a service class, the hierarchy ID can be set. The maximum number of services per site can be set. When set to 0, there is no limit. Also a section of the site type image can be selected. When creating nodes within the site in the build phase, it can be done, by clicking that portion of the image.

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