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OS Images


OS images allows you to manage the images for specific node models which can be used to upgrade their OS using the OS upgrades tool (in the Operate section, tools option).

The path where netYCE will look for OS images is the following: /var/opt/shared/public/os/

The available images for a particular node will be retrieved by matching the node model from the OS images form with the Model name of the network node in question.

Adding a OS image

To add a OS image click the new-button, a form will show up that will allow you to create a new OS image. The vendor type and node model need to be filled in. The save button creates the image.

An os image has the following attributes:

Name Description
Node type
Domain_name the applicable domain
Os name version / name of the OS image
Os feature any OS features
Os size the image's size in bytes
Minimum storage minimal amount of free space on the node in bytes
OS files filename(s) of the image
OS path target path
Minimum memory minimal amount of memory on the node in bytes
Pre-activation commands in case you would like to execute commands on the node before the activation of the image
Post-activation commands in case you would like to execute commands on the node after the activation of the image
Notes any notes you'd like to add

Deleting a OS image

To delete a OS image, select the image and click the delete image button to get a prompt. Confirm, and the OS image is deleted.

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