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NetYCE 7.1.1 Active_build

Release notes

Date: 2020-01-27

This set of release notes reflects the work in progress. Each of these items will become available with the next release and will be made available in the Download Patchfiles article.





A customer reported a failure to upgrade his systems running version 7.0.5 to version 7.1.1. This resulted in a non-functional system. Analysis learned that a series of database modifications (patches) that are part of this upgrade path were not executed, and others that were part of older already revisions, were executed unnecessary.

This caused a mismatch in database definitions and contents that did not match the programming, resulting in failed operation.

The patch-administration code is now modified to properly select patches from a revision and deal with subsequent version changes.

Update: A related issue was found and corrected where table modifications would not take place based on expected patchlevels.

Scenario 'relation' function

It was found that the 'relation' function in scenarios could give inconsistent results. Repeated execution of the same scenario would randomly provide the expected value or no value at all.

This issue was resolved.

send_email scenario function

The scenario function to send emails, send_email, was recently extended to support attachments. The change also included a syntactic validation of the email addresses.

It now became apparent that this email validation was too strict resulting in an empty list of recipients with the error message “No email-address to send mail to”. This situation has been corrected.

Database restore

Along with the arrival of the new decade, a problem with restoring of database archives became apparent: Archive files having a 2020 date cannot be restored.

The issue was resolved by correctly validating the archive names for the 2020's and 2030's.

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