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NetYCE Documentation

The script, stored in /opt/yce/system/, is used for setting up the YCE application. The intention of the script is to make the installation as smooth as possible, limiting the possibility of errors by manipulating the configurations by hand.

The script is executed using the yce user. The default credentials for SSH are: yce/NetYCE01

It gathers information from /opt/yce/etc/net_setup.xml which allows the administrator to set up the following:

  • Manipulate each server found
  • Set up each server role:
    • Is it a front-end server (default: yes)
    • Is it DNS resolvable
    • Is it using SSL (NOTE: can only be used if it is DNS resolvable)
    • Use production 'Mojo' backend server (default: yes)
    • Portnumber of 'Mojo' (default: 8080)
    • Is it a database server (default: yes)
    • Is it the primary database server (default: yes)
  • Change the database mapping
    • setting the primary or secondary server in case of multiserver setup
  • Login setup:
    • Setting the domain for single-sign-on cookie
    • Hours until login session expiry
  • Wiki setup
    • Use the public wiki (default: yes)

YCE application settings are written to: /opt/yce/etc/yce_setup.xml and /opt/yce/htdocs/angular/app/host.js.

This script depends on

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