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NetYCE Documentation

The script, stored in /opt/yce/system/, is used for the first use of netYCE, setting up the networking environment. The intention of the script is to make the installation as smooth as possible, limiting the possibility of errors by manipulating the configurations by hand.

It gathers information from the system and from the user to write the settings to the system and to setting files of netYCE.

NOTE: the script needs to be run as root.

The following are part of questions:

  • root password
  • yce password
  • FQDN
  • Updating the network interface(s)
    • IP address/mask and default gateway
    • DNS addresses
    • NAT IP address (used for NCCM to backup configurations)
  • In case of multiple interfaces
    • Select the YCE application interface
    • Select the default route interface
  • Set up NTP

NOTE: The NAT IP address is only useful and used for the YCE application interface, if filled. It is used for devices to reach the NATted IP address of NetYCE to send their configurations.

Required YCE settings are written to: /opt/yce/etc/net_setup.xml.

This script depends on and is followed by

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