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 +===== NetYCE 6.2.0 =====
 +**Status as of March 25, 2015**
 +>> <color orange>​Version of 6.2.0 was finalized at 2015-03-06</​color>​
 +> Note: <color red>​Version 6.2.0 will require an update to the YCEperl installation</​color>​ \\ See notes at bottom of this article.
 +=== Fixes: ===
 +  * Nexus '​(config-xxx)#​^H#​’ prompt detect fails on some nodes
 +  * HP prompt detect failed for some config-object-paths
 +  * HP device ‘end’ command when ‘quit’ should be used
 +  * Nexus commit skipped
 +  * Retrieving csv reports using MSIE blocked
 +  * Search does not filter client/site
 +  * Nexus [####    ] progress on save filtered from log
 +  * Cannot use ‘Enter’ key on notes-field sites details form
 +  * Width of Vlan field in subnet details
 +  * Site details form VZP / Ref-code not shown/​saved ​
 +  * Nexus error messages incomplete
 +  * Link to files from jobs (name change)
 +  * Nexus backspaces in command echo’s: wor ^Hd instead of ‘word’
 +  * Removed ‘[## ] from historic Nexus job-logs
 +  * ML3 migration ‘finish’ not renaming nodes issue
 +  * Nexus error message “vpc already exists” demoted to warning level.
 +  * Corrected (numeric) sorting issues with some drop-down menus.
 +  * Fixed some sorting issues in grids and drop-down menus.
 +  * Renamed template save into '​export',​ load into '​import'​. Fixed issue with import.
 +  * Infoblox API update fails due to UTF-8 quotes used in newer versions
 +  * In command-jobs tool corrected missing '​deselect all' after '​select all' was used
 +  * Some forms have variable fields that are too narrow for the value to be shown completely.
 +  * eVPN details accessed from Node-details form are not properly selected
 +  * Some servers fail to be created from the '​servers - custom'​ form
 +  * Fixed issue with service-type delete-ports-subnet
 +=== Enhancements:​ ===
 +  * Template #wait directive support. See [[menu:​build:​templates:​templates#​Direcives|Template directives]]
 +  * The '​Operatie - Tools - Ping tool' has been reworked to allow free-form ip- and host-address pinging of interfaces too. See [[menu:​operate:​tools:​ping|Ping nodes]]
 +  * The 'Node topology - Add subnets’ form now supports multiselect on ports AND subnets allowing for quick assignment of a series of subnets to a range of ports on a device, including connected interfaces when topology exist.
 +  * The ‘Build’ main-form ‘search’ function has been extended and optimized.
 +  * Password-sensitive fields in the database are now stored encrypted in the database. Includes customer-based key-management and customizable field-selection. Encryption uses AES256 algorithm. See [[maintenance:​general:​encryption|Encryption]]
 +  * Support of customizable ‘Change-id’ requirements in jobs. See [[menu:​operate:​jobs:​job_configuration|Job Configuration]]
 +  * Support of Job approvals. Each job-type can be assigned requirements on job-approvals before being executed. The approval requirements can be defined in high detail using thresholding,​ limiting and authorisation level parameters. Jobs requiring approval are listed as ‘pending’. See [[menu:​operate:​jobs:​job_configuration|Job Configuration]]
 +  * Reworked ‘Scheduled jobs’ tool to support Job filtering (change-id, status, jobs-id, user), manipulation (cancel, suspend, resume, now) and approvals (approve, reject, comment). See [[menu:​operate:​jobs:​scheduled_jobs|Scheduled jobs]]
 +  * Job notifications. Email notifications can be sent automatically for jobs pending approval (sent to user-group email-list of job owner). Also notifications can be issued for approval rejections, job cancellations or expiry (sent to owner).
 +  * New customizable tool-setup XML file where scheduler queue and per-job-type configurations can be made (approvals, notifications,​ auditors, change-id validations)
 +  * Local NetYCE Wiki installation and customer-enabled updates. See [[maintenance:​downloads:​wiki_updates|Download WIKI installation files]]
 +  * Extended job-tools with text-box entry for '​SiteCode'​ values
 +  * Subnet name and Subnet description now have distinctive references in the forms. Description is shown were relevant
 +  * Many forms now allow for column sorting in its primary grids
 +  * Form-fields not available for editing (role-dependent) are now visually distinguishable
 +  * To distinguish the various NetYCE servers more easily, each server-button in the title bar can be assigned is own (customizable) text and button color.
 +  * Databases now use utf8 throughout. VBA dependencies prevented this conversion ​
 +  * HP Comware-7 vendor module ​
 +  * Additional tools that support '​Change-id'​ field and customizable approval settings
 +=== Rabo specials: ===
 +  * DCE FabricPath custom front-end tool for changes and job-control
 +  * Support for Infoblox IPAM/DHCP pushes where Supernets are shared between clients
 +  * Extended support for Infoblox DNS pushes using NetYCE API (hosts,​arec,​cname,​ext-attr)
 +=== Optional trial release ===
 +  * A rewrite of the service types including enhanced syntax checking and full API and custom-variables
 +> Notes regarding YCEperl upgrade:  ​
 +> 1) When running MariaDB, ensure MariaDB-devel is installed: \\ ''​yum list installed | grep -i mariadb-devel''​ \\ if not, install using ''​sudo yum install MariaDB-devel''​
 +> 2) Should the command ''​ck_license -X''​ produce errors (with db running), recompile DBD::mysql using: \\ ''/​opt/​ycelib/​perl/​bin/​cpanm --force DBD::​mysql''​
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