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 +====== Install YCE distribution ======
 +These patch files can be installed using the Web-based front-end of NetYCE.\\
 +From the **Admin** menu select **System**. The **System status** tool is activated by default.
 +To get to the NetYCE update section, check the box **Full report** and click on the server-button to be updated. In the resulting page, scroll down to the **YCE software** section where the button labeled **Install YCE distribution** can be found.
 +Drag the downloaded installation image (eg YCE_6.0.0_20140812.bin) over the ''​Choose file''​ button or select the file after pressing it). Then press the **Install YCE distribution** button.
 +Patiently wait until the install file gets uploaded, installed and the System page is completed. The install can take about a minute.
 +Below an example of this process
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