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 +====== License install/​update ======
 +===== Install/​update using the GUI =====
 +{{ :​general:​full_report.png?​direct&​250|}}
 +Login to the GUI
 +  - Open Admin > System
 +  - Select "Full report"​ and click on the server (genesis)
 +  - Scroll down to the chapter ''​Current license info''​
 +    - Choose the license file and select ''​Upload license file''​ (The license file should not contain spaces)
 +  - It might take a while to reflect the new values on the main menus.
 +The front-end is reachable as long as the license is valid plus a grace period. In case the front-end is no longer reachable the license file can be updated using the CLI. 
 +===== Install/​update using the CLI =====
 +Login to the server using ssh and user ''​yce''​ or use scp to transfer the yce_license. You may overwrite the file or change its contents to reflect the new license. If you do not copy the file but only the content of the file, make sure that you include every line from the license file. Including the comments starting with a # symbol.
 +  * destination file: ''/​opt/​yce/​etc/​yce_license''​
 +  * user/group: yce/nms
 +  * permissions:​ 644
 +To have this picked up immediately you may restart the skulker process.
 +  * ''​go restart skulker''​
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