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 +====== License install/​update ======
 +===== Install/​update using the GUI =====
 +{{ :​general:​full_report.png?​direct&​250|}}
 +Login to the GUI
 +  - Open Admin > System
 +  - Select "Full report"​ and click on the server (genesis)
 +  - Scroll down to the chapter ''​Current license info''​
 +    - Choose the license file and select ''​Upload license file''​ (The license file should not contain spaces)
 +  - It might take a while to reflect the new values on the main menus.
 +The front-end is reachable as long as the license is valid plus a grace period. In case the front-end is no longer reachable the license file can be updated using the CLI. 
 +===== Install/​update using the CLI =====
 +Login to the server using ssh and user ''​yce''​ or use scp to transfer the yce_license. You may overwrite the file or change its contents to reflect the new license.
 +  * destination file: ''/​opt/​yce/​etc/​yce_license''​
 +  * user/group: yce/nms
 +  * permissions:​ 644
 +To have this picked up immediately you may restart the skulker process.
 +  * ''​go restart skulker''​
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