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 +===== Ticketing system =====
 +Our ticketing system is accessible via [[https://​|]].
 +If you haven'​t receive access yet, please let us know.
 +==== Ticket submission ====
 +From the top of the screen. Select Projects: (you may have less options)
 +Select “Support tickets NetYCE” from “View all” or directly from the recent “most recent” section.
 +=== Support tickets page ===
 +On this page you’ll find new, open and closed tickets. ​
 +Closed tickets are by default filtered (hidden) but can be seen by clearing the filter.
 +Add a new task and fill in the basics and assign it to your name. (This way, we know who to contact for further questions.)
 +Save it and click on the created ticket to fill the details.
 +=== Ticket requirements ===
 +  * Title
 +  * Description
 +  * Start date; if you wish you are able to set a future start date
 +The description should at least contain:
 +  * NetYCE version
 +  * Which server is it running on
 +  * What isn’t working
 +  * What is the desired outcome
 +  * Is it reproducible
 +  * Screenshot(s)
 +  * If it relates to a certain job, refer to the job number in question.
 +  * What type of device are you communicating with? (Vendor, OS version, details please)
 +You are able to add yourself and others as followers in this ticket to receive updates.
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